Offshore, Marine & Dredging

In these industries, (sea) water resistance and sometimes the water resistance of the motors is important. Motors at sea often have to work under extreme conditions. In a number of cases, certification according to DNV, Lloyds or Bureau Veritas is required. None of that is a problem for us. EN motors designs, builds, and can certify or have certified motors according to all current requirements and standards.

For example, we make:

  • motors for winches aboard large seagoing ships
  • fans for machine rooms
  • pump motors that power the fire-extinguishing systems of navy frigates
  • and even motors that drive entire ships

Among our specialties are submersible motors:

  • motors in all sizes (from small to very large)
  • for a wide range if industries, including water amusement parks and dredging companies
  • from motors that have to deliver 1 hour of underwater power for 1 hour a day to motors that need to work continuously at a depth of 10 kilometers
  • from kilowatts to megawatts
  • for direct mounting from pumps to drives for underwater robots
  • dry or oil filled electric motors
  • from induction (short-circuit squirrel cage) to permanent magnet
  • low, medium or high voltage

EN motors has been making all of these motors for more than 30 years. No desire or challenge is too far out for us.

In short: ask and we will design and build.