Proud of our emergency response team

On June 20, we held a fire drill for the second time. This second exercise followed a previous fire exercise, with the aim of evaluating whether the points for improvement from the first exercise have been addressed.

We are proud of our emergency response team, which has performed excellently. The fire brigade gave us positive feedback on how well our emergency response team handled the situation and that all safety aspects went very well. This exercise emphasized the importance of calmness, as panic is a bad teacher and should be avoided. After all, panic causes poor communication and unnecessary mistakes.

During the exercise, a scenario was also practiced in which resuscitation was required.

During the first fire drill, no one was aware of it, which gave us a realistic idea of ​​how our team would respond in an unexpected emergency. After an evaluation of the small points for improvement that came to light, we wanted to see during the second exercise whether these points had been addressed and improved.

These exercises allow us to continuously improve our safety procedures and create a safe working environment for everyone.